Our Committees

Executive Committee 

Nick Woolery, City of Baytown - President

Steve Daniele, Seal-Pac - Vice President

Bethany, Credeur, B Credeur CPA, LLC -Treasurer

Daryl Fontenot, Merrill Lynch - Immediate Past President

Patti O'Neil, Exxon Mobil

Staff support: Melissa Reabold

Finance Committee

Bethany, Credeur, B Credeur CPA, LLC -Treasurer

Roy Price, Texas First Bank

Dee Sandhop, Busch, Sandhop & Baker

Rusty Senac, Retired

Deena, Smith, CRCU

Staff support: Melissa Reabold

Meeting is the 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 AM.

Community Impact & Investment Committee

Kaley Smith, Chambers Health – Committee Chair

Andy Legg, Covestro

Nellie Lunsford, Chambers Health

Sabrina Martin, City of Baytown, Sterling Municipal Library

Lindsay M. McCallum, Houston Methodist Hospital Baytown

Garry Nelson, Retired

Carina Vela, Exxon Mobil

Justin Williams, Exxon Mobil

Staff support: Lori Rumfield

Meeting is the 3rd Thursday.

Campaign Cabinet 

Terry Sain, Committee Chair

Ronnie Anderson

Steve Don Carlos

Billy Combs

Patti O'Neill-Burn

Rusty Senac

Kevin Troller, City of Baytown

Mike Wilson, Texas First Bank

Staff Support, Traci Dillard

Day of Caring Steering Committee

Nicholas Graham; Chair – Chevron Phillips

Wesley Robertson – Exxon Mobil

Shamah Lloyd – ExxonMobil

Summer Bernhardt – Exxon Mobil

Andrew Stout – Chevron Phillips

Trina Bean – Chevron Phillips

Tarah Schneberger – Chevron Phillips

Bankim Shukla - Covestro

John Hensley – Covestro

Staff Support, Kaci Pena
Meeting is every Monday at 7:00 AM (seasonal).

Community Impact Education Committee 

Alejandra Laroque – Bay Area Turning Point

Elizabeth Caballero – Be Well Baytown, MD Anderson

Cutis Lemieux – YMCA of Greater Houston Area

Sabrina Martin – City of Baytown

Veronica Lawrence – Project Grad, GRADCafe

Staff Support, Kaci Pena

Meeting is the 3rd Thursday.

Events Committee 

Janie Cardenas

Lynne Foley

Judy Hunter

Kathy Jaeger

Mary Litton

Rosie McKenzie

Staff Support, Traci Dillard

Volunteer Council 

Jamie Eustace; Chair – City of Baytown

Dr. Lynda Villanueva – Lee College

Connie Tilton – ExxonMobil

Jeremy Clements – Second Baytown Church

Lynne Foley – Lee College

Paula Torres – Bridgehaven Advocacy Center

Ramonia Williams – Marcelous - Williams Resource Center

Rhonda Lopez - Volunteer

Sabrina Martin – City of Baytown

Steele Arthur - Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Veronica Lawrence – ProjectGRAD Houston

Staff Support, Kaci Pena
Meeting is the 1st Monday.
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