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Your United Way is independent and volunteer-led.

Our volunteer leadership represents strong ties to the community, providing a balance to our work and helping improve the efforts to make an impact. With the guidance of these dedicated committee members, more people in our community are able to get the help they need and access vital resources.


Executive Committee

Steve Daniele, Seal-Pac - President
Nick Graham, Chevron Phillips Chemical - President-elect
Daryl Fontenot, Merrill Lynch - Past President
Bethany Credeur, B Credeur CPA - Treasurer

Staff support: Melissa Reabold


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Finance Committee

Bethany Credeur, B Credeur CPA
Roy Price, Texas First Bank
Dee Sandhop, Busch, Sandhop & Baker
Rusty Senac, Retired
Jeffrey Bolton, Covestro
Renea Woodruff, GCCISD

Staff support: Melissa Reabold
Meeting is the 3rd Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

Community Impact & Investment Committee

Kaley Smith, Chambers Health – Committee Chair
Andy Legg, Covestro
Nellie Lunsford, Chambers Health
Sabrina Martin, City of Baytown
Kevin Vick, City of Baytown
Kelli Forde Spears, Lee College
Erline Maingot, City of Baytown
Kyle Knight, Legacy Health
Carina Vela, ExxonMobil
Justin Williams, ExxonMobil
Daryl Fontenot, Merrill Lynch

Staff support: Lori Rumfield
Meeting is the 3rd Thursday.

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Create Change with a dime


Campaign Cabinet

Patti O'Neill-Burn, Campaign Chair
Terry Sain, Retired
Rusty Senac, Retired
Carol Skewes, The Baytown Sun
Preslie Cox, Covestro
Robin McDougald, Texas First Bank

Staff Support, Traci Dillard

Days of Caring Steering Committee

Nick Graham, Chevron Phillips Chemical - Committee Chair
David Lehmann, ONEOK
Connie Tilton, ExxonMobil
Bankim Shukla, Covestro
Adrian Ruiz, ExxonMobil
Andrew Stout, Chevron Phillips Chemical
Hunter Hakala, ExxonMobil
Jeff Benson, Covestro
Adrianna Johnson, Chevron Phillips Chemical
Tonya Pagel, Chambers Health

Staff Support, Kaci Pena



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Events Committee

Events Committee

Janie Cardenas, Texas First Bank
Lynne Foley, Lee College
Judy Hunter, Retired
Kathy Jaeger, Retired
Mary Litton, Lee College
Rosie McKenzie, El Dorado Nitrogen

Staff Support, Traci Dillard

Volunteer Council 

Jamie Eustace, City of Baytown - Committee Chair
Dr. Lynda Villanueva, Lee College
Connie Tilton, ExxonMobil
Lynne Foley, Lee College
Paula Torres, Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center
Ramonia Dirden-Williams, Talent Yield Coalition
Rhonda Lopez, City of Baytown
Sabrina Martin, City of Baytown
Steele Arthur, Faith Family Church

Staff Support, Kaci Pena

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