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United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County works to ensure access to efficient and effective healthcare services and healthy choices.

Health goes beyond personal diet, exercise, and the many other individual choices we make. The foundation for a healthy life is in the neighborhoods we build and environments we inhabit. When people have access to parks, bike paths, safe playgrounds, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in school, work, and life.  
United Way is creating solutions that help everyone thrive and creating healthier communities that improve our collective quality of life. We’re focused on expanding access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity and quality health care. To do this, we partner with local schools, governments, health agencies and other community-based nonprofits.

Funding Objective: Our community is able to access healthy choices and high quality mental healthcare.

Funded Partners in Health:


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Unlimited Visions Aftercare

Unlimited Visions provides dug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services in both outpatient and residential environments to meet the needs of adults, adolescents, and families with substance use disorders.

Client Story:
"Hi my name is Marshall and I currently live in Baytown, Tx. I started my substance abuse treatment in January 2022 and I recently have successfully graduated from the program. Since I have been discharged from the program I currently still work with my Recovery Coaches Joy, Rena, and Willie to help me stay in long term recovery. I really enjoyed my group sessions at Unlimited Visions. I learned a lot from my peers about subjects I can relate too and that our life stories were similar. I love to hear success stories about people beating their addiction and staying in Recovery. The Counselors gave me good feedback about my situation and help me with my cognitive thinking issues. They also assisted me with my anger management issues as well. I have gain knowledge on how not to be passive aggressive and how to face my issues head on. My substance abuse treatment has taught me to have more patients and how to be truthful. I am thankful to the UVBHI staff for helping me develop positive coping skills. I will be released from Parole in May 2022, I am currently employed fulltime, and helping my wife raise our four children. Without the services from Unlimited Visions none of this would possible.

Thank you, Marshall"


DePelchin Children's Center

Delivers counseling services for children and their families through school-based programs, foster care, post-adoption counseling, & parent education programs.

Client Story:

"A youth was referred for sadness stemming from his parents’ divorce and the tense family dynamics related to the divorce. At the start of services, the client presentation was often melancholic, shy, withdrawn. She presented with symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. The youth was indecisive, insecure, and was hyper focused on appeasing others. This client had difficulty identifying her own strengths and struggled with change. Clinician used cognitive behavioral techniques to identify cognitive distortions, process emotions, improve self-esteem to help the youth become comfortable with not only the family’s transition; but change in general. By the end of services, the client was able to: identify triggers for anxiety, reduce depressive symptoms, identify positives of having two households, self-regulate, and adapt to change without experiencing stress. The youth was also capable of identifying positive characteristics about herself and increase self-confidence. This client completed his SMART goals and was successfully discharged from SBC services."

- Depelchin Clinician

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