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Our Committees

Executive Committee 

Daryl Fontenot, Merrill Lynch - President

Nick Woolery, City of Baytown - Vice President

Patti O'Neill, ExxonMobil, Immediate Past President

Steve Daniele, Seal-Pac

Staff support: Melissa Reabold

Finance Committee

Brian Shatwell, ONEOK - Treasurer

Bethany, Credeur, B Credeur CPA, LLC

Dee Sandhop, Busch, Sandhop & Baker

Deena, Smith, CRCU

Staff support: Melissa Reabold

Community Impact & Investment Committee

Kaley Smith, Chambers Health – Committee Chair

Andy Legg, Covestro

Anthony Rendon, Chevron Phillips Petrochemical

Shalanda Skinner-Cooper, Chambers County Public Health

Amy George, Goose Creek CISD

Randy Slater, Texas First Bank

Garry Nelson, Retired

Sabrina Martin, City of Baytown Tourism

Lindsay M. McCallum, Houston Methodist Hospital Baytown

Nellie Lunsford, Chambers Health

Staff support: Lori Rumfield

Campaign Cabinet 

Robin McDougald, Texas First Bank - Chair

Guido Persiani, Covestro

Kathy Yeager, Realtor

Garry Nelson, Retired

Ron Fletcher, Entergy

Crystal Stevenson, Amegy

Tracie Brown, CRCU

Yvonne Silva, CRCU

Zach Tillman, ExxonMobil

Lauren VanDeventer, Chambers County

Greg Owens, Chevron Phillips

Staff Support, Traci Dillard

Events Committee 

Robin McDougald, Texas First Bank - Chair

Lindsay McCallum

Janie Cardenas, Retired

Paula Jared, Retired

Irma Bundage, Retired

Paulina Carillo, Baytown Police Department

Judy Hunter, Retired

Lynne Foley, Lee College

Rosie McKenzie, El Dorado Nitrogen

Kathy Jaeger, Virginia Malone Real Estate

Mary Litton, Retired

Staff Support, Traci Dillard