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Financial Stability

When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for their families and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger community.

United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County helped 1,100 homeless families and individuals earn more money through job placement and skill building programs last year. Empowering men and women to provide for themselves and their families promotes a sense of pride, and the United Way GBACC provides assistance through partner agencies.

Did you know that -17 percent of Texans struggle to afford food? According to the United States Census Bureau, 20 percent of people in Baytown and 10 percent of people in Chambers County are impoverished. United Way GBACC is engaged and focused on not only decreasing the percentages, but provide training and education to end hunger all together in our community.

United Way is empowering people to achieve financial stability.

United Way GBACC supported Agencies with an emphasis on Financial Stability:
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