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Our Impact

United Way isn’t about short-term charity, it’s about lasting change. We look at the big picture: what resources are lacking – down to food, shelter and health needs – and how we can address that to keep kids on track to graduate.

United Way of Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County builds stronger communities by:

  • Developing integrated solutions that improve lives AND communities. We understand the complexity of social issues and deliver sustainable results.
  • Focusing on what’s most needed and work with local experts.  
  • Involving leaders and organizations from all sectors to work together. We engage nonprofit, business and government leaders on shared community goals.
  • Inviting our community to be part of the change and amplify the impact.  
  • The Baytown and Chambers County community is on a mission to impact lives forever by investing in programs focused on education, financial security, and health.

5-Year Plan

Our 5-year plan is ambitious, but achievable, with the community’s support, corporate partnerships and focused determination.