To advocate means shining a light on the issues that affect the Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County and lending our voice to ensure opportunities for children and families to thrive. It is crucial to our success as a community. United Way engages in public policy advocacy because – as a nearly 100-year-old institution – we have the longstanding community connections and firsthand experience to help guide policy makers as they tackle the problems that our community.

United Way’s Policy Agenda
We work with United Way Worldwide and other United Ways across Texas to create a strong, unified voice on specific policy issues.

United Way’s of Texas and Worldwide advocates for causes including education, financial stability, and health. Take a look at United Way of Texas Public Policy Agenda here. Take a look at the United Way Worldwide national public policy agenda here.  

How can YOU get involved?
It’s easier than you think. You can start by signing up for our action alerts. Calling, emailing, or even tweeting your representative can help us spread the word about the changes our community needs. We provide a nonpartisan platform for people to take meaningful action that makes a difference.

Advocacy Action Center
Small steps add up to create big change. Join us:


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