Quality Improvement Partnership Network

The Quality Improvement Partnership Network is designed to bring resource providers from across the United Way GBACC service area together to tackle community issues, work collaboratively, and build capacity together. Members of the QIP Network will have access to a community distribution list of resource providers, a monthly newsletter of events and programs that benefit our community, as well as high quality professional development opportunities, all for free. We believe organizations need to be strong to shoulder the needs of our community, and we want to help create quality partnerships, sustainable organizations, and equipped individuals. 

Any human service nonprofit organization who provides services within the 11 zip code service area of United Way GBACC is able to access the network and participate in trainings. 

Zip Code Areas: 77514, 77520, 77521, 77522, 77523, 77560, 77562, 77580, 77597, 77661, 77665

Each QIP Partner will be able to submit requests to be included in the monthly QIP Network Newsletter, These should be programs, events, or special announcements from your organization that you'd like to spread the word about!

Follow this link to send us newsletter announcements, flyers, and updates! 

Join the Network! 

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