Basic Needs

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United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County works to increase essential resources to financially unstable individuals and families in crisis.

For individuals and families in crisis or emergency situations, access to Basic Needs is not always available.  By funding programs that work directly with individuals and families in need of temporary assistance, United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County is helping residents gain access to goods and services that help meet basic necessities of life.  For a family living on the edge, this might mean assistance with a utility bill, or access to a food pantry with healthy and nutritious food choices, or a voucher to buy clothing for their school-age children.  For a senior living alone, these programs provide transportation to obtain vital prescriptions, or a hot, fresh meal every day.
As of 2018, 14% of the households in greater Baytown and Chambers County were below the poverty level.  Another 33% of households were above the federal poverty level, but still below the local cost of living (ALICE households), making programs dedicated to food, shelter, clothing, and transportation vital to the community.  Although these funded programs have existed previously, the COVID-19 pandemic brought these needs to the forefront and emphasized the importance of dedicating a focus area to basic necessities of life.  With your support, United Way is building a stronger tomorrow for the community.

Funding Objective: Residents of our community will have access to goods and services that help meet basic necessities of life.

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Making An Impact:

Love Network of Baytown client story

Chris S. was laid off from his construction job due to COVID. He picked up contractor work where he could, but was soon facing eviction with his wife and three children.
Chris came to Love Network for rent assistance, but was connected with so much more!
He found work through the partner network and the family used local food pantries to help bridge the gap between paychecks.  Because of Love Network, this family received support during the most difficult financial time they have ever faced.
"Without the assistance from Love Network, me and my family would be living on the streets." - Chris S.

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Baytown Meals on Wheels client story
Many of our seniors are isolated and neglected daily, including holidays.
With that thought in mind, we collaborated with San Jacinto Church to gift seniors some much needed uplifting and hope this Easter.  We gave them an Easter basket with some snacks and a box full of groceries.  We chose some of our clients with the greatest need, because we had a limited supply.
One of the clients chosen was in tears when he realized that we were there to gift him these items.  When we were unpacking the grocery box, we realized why.  His pantry was empty and when we were unloading the cold items into his fridge, we saw that the freezer was empty and the only things in his fridge were coffee grains, bologna, and cheese.
Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality that many of our seniors deal with because of low income and health issues that make it hard to get food.