Financial Stability

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United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County works to stabilize and grow household incomes.

When people are able to find decent jobs, provide for their families, and save for the future, they and their children are more likely to enjoy healthy lives and succeed in school. Everyone benefits, because financially stable individuals and families lead to a more competitive workforce and a stronger community.  United Way's volunteer experts, working with partners from all sectors of society, connect people to the resources they need to get on more solid financial ground. From financial wellness classes in the workplace and in community centers to career training and job-search assistance, credit counseling and free tax preparation assistance, we’re helping people to earn more and save more.

Funding Objective: Households in our community will improve their financial literacy, independence, and employability, with an emphasis on single parents.

Funded Partners in Financial Stability:


Making An Impact:

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Love Network of Baytown (client story)
Jennifer, mother of 3, was laid off after 21 years of employment as her company was closing its doors from the impacts of the pandemic. She couldn't find work and was depending on unemployment to cover her bills, expenses, and medical costs. She contacted Love Network for help with food, but after we spoke to her, we were able to provide Jennifer with rental assistance, food, clothing for her children, the cost of her heart medication, and gas for her first week of work before she was paid.. Jennifer was able to stay in her home with her children, she got a job as an administrative assistant, and is now self-sufficient and her children are thriving.

Bay Area Rehabilitation Center (client story)

James came to Bay Area Rehab after suffering from low back pain for almost a year. He went to a doctor because the pain, along with numbness and tingling, began going down his legs.  He had 3 injections into his spine which resulted in temporary relief of low back pain, but not the symptoms in his legs.

He eventually underwent surgery which relieved his leg symptoms but his low back pain persisted.  He was seen by our physical therapists to address the post-op symptoms and the long term effects from the pain with therapeutic exercises and activities.  We established a home exercise program for him to perform between sessions and after therapy was completed.

By the time of James's discharge, he was pain free and the strength in his back and legs had returned enough for him to return to work as a steel press operator.

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BAHS LogoBAHS House on Wisconsin St


Bay Area Homeless Services (client success story - name withheld for privacy)
Mr. M came to BAHS in September 2020 after he had been living on the streets of Houston, since he lost his job due to COVID.
Once Mr. M came to the shelter, he started looking for work and was hired on at IKEA where he worked for a month.
After being let go, he was able to find a job at the WalMart Distribution Center where he now works 40+ hours a week at $13/hr.
Mr. M also works a construction job getting paid $11/hr and works approximately 25 hours a week.
Over the course of his stay, he was able to save over $2,500 which was enough for him to purchase a vehicle. He continued to save money and was able to move into an apartment with a friend.
After residing at BAHS for 6 months, Mr. M was able to obtain a stable job, transportation, and permanent housing. He exited the Emergency Shelter in March 2021.