Days of Caring 2023

JOIN US: October 20 and 21, 2023

A United Way tradition, Days of Caring mobilizes volunteers to celebrate the spirit of giving through service by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities to improve our community. In 2022, over 600 individuals participated in projects ranging from painting, cleaning and organizing, to construction repairs, installing fixtures, wheelchair ramps, and landscaping - completing 70 projects!

With a goal of over 80 projects this year, there is a place for everyone to get involved! 


  • May 1, 2023: Project Registration Open
  • June 1, 2023: Project Lead Registration Open
  • July 21, 2023: Days of Caring Project Town Hall
  • August 31, 2023: Project Applications Close
  • October 20 and 21, 2023: Days of Caring!!


1. To submit a project, please complete the Days of Caring 2023 Project Submission form below.

  • This year, there are three tiers of projects that agencies can apply for
    • Tier 1: projects with a budget of $1,500 to $3,500.
    • Tier 2: projects with a budget of $500 to $1,499
    • Tier 3: projects with a budget under $500

2. If you are having any issues completing the submission form, please send an email to our Project Coordinator.

3. After your form, estimated budget, and site pictures have been submitted, the information you provided will be reviewed.

  • If your project is approved, your agency will be added to the Days of Caring 2022 Event, and your project will be added as a volunteer opportunity under your agency. 
  • Your agency will have the ability to edit the information in the event if there are any changes or you notice any mistakes


If you are an agency interested in learning more about how you can get involved in Days of Caring, you can attend one of out Town Hall's, where members of Team United will be present to answer any questions you have about submitting projects, help you brainstorm project ideas, and help with anything else you might want to know about Days of Caring 2023. Town Hall dates and times will be announced soon. Once they have been announced, you will be able to register from this page.


For any questions not covered below, please contact United Way's Project Coordinator.

1. Who can submit a project for Days of Caring?

Any 501(c)3 human services organization, school, or community organization can submit a project for Days of Caring. You do not have to be a United Way GBACC funded partner to submit a project.

2. Is there a project volunteer minimum or maximum? 

There is no minimum or a maximum number of volunteers. We encourage you to consider your space and how many volunteers you can reasonably host in the space and the size of the project. All projects should be 4 to 6 hours in length.

3. Can my applicant submit more than one project? 

There is no limit to the number of projects you can submit, but if you have multiple projects, you will need to submit a new form for each project.

  • Please be sure to keep in mind what project tier each project falls under.

4. What types of projects can I submit?  

Here are some ideas as you plan your projects. Be creative and have fun and please keep State safety guidelines in mind.

  • Spring-cleaning, neighborhood, or block clean-up
  • Gardening/landscaping, weeding, mulching, tree/flower planting
  • Creating a community garden or memory garden
  • Virtual Needs: Phone calls, writing emails, marketing support, IT support, etc.  
  • Painting and landscaping a playground
  • Helping at an outdoor carnival, picnic, or other small outdoor events for seniors, children, and their families
  • Sorting and distributing food, clothing, or books to those in need
  • Delivering food baskets or other items
  • Serving a meal for seniors, children or patients
  • Assembling first-aid kits, disaster recovery boxes, or other items
  • Construction repairs 
  • Building wheelchair ramps to make buildings handicap accessible

5. Are there any project restrictions?  

Yes. In order to make the volunteer experience as pleasant as possible, we discourage the following types of projects and ask you to please keep volunteer safety in mind when submitting project requests.

  • Telephone recruitment, telemarketing (or fundraising)
  • Taking surveys or distributing flyers or door-to-door campaigns
  • projects that involve any kind of roofing or tall ladders
  • Skilled projects which require a background in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, paving, or requiring any type of heavy machinery will be evaluated on a case by case basis
  • Projects that would be longer than 4 to 6 hours in length

6. Should we provide volunteer orientation? 

When your volunteer team arrives, we recommend a short orientation prior to starting your Need. You may want to include staff/client introductions, agency mission, program descriptions, and COVID-19 safety guidelines.  This is a great opportunity to share an overview of your agency, and the impact the volunteers are making!

7. Should we provide lunch or refreshments?

Project Hosts are required to provide their volunteers with food and water, or work with their volunteers to ensure that they are provided by someone on site.

8. Who is Responsible for Providing Supplies/Materials? 

United Way GBACC is dedicated to providing resources to help build a stronger community. The Days of Caring Steering Committee will approve a budget for your project and project leads will purchase supplies. Project Hosts will be required to provide a space for supplies once they are purchased.

9. What if it rains? 

Days of Caring happens rain or shine! In cases of severe weather, we strongly encourage you to contact your volunteer team and assigned Project Lead to discuss alternate plans.

10. I've registered my project...What's next? 

Once you have submitted your project registration, it will be reviewed by our team to make sure we have all of the information we need. Projects that are accepted will be available for volunteers to sign up for .

A volunteer project lead will sign up to the project, and will reach out to the project host's main contact to coordinate the project.

11. I have to cancel our project- what do I do? 

We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you might cancel the project that you registered. If this is the case, please contact your assigned project lead. They will work with Team United to remove your volunteer opportunity, and if volunteers are signed up, make sure they are all notified of the change. We will then work to place that team on another project.

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