Disaster Recovery (BACC-DR)


To support the recovery efforts, please consider making a gift today! You can give through our online donation page and type DISASTER in the designation area. 

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All applicants must have a case manager who will contact the disaster recovery team.

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BACC-DR's Mission

To assist in identifying the unmet needs of those affected by Hurricane Harvey and other future disasters, and to coordinate access to resources that would provide relief. Services will be provided with no preference to individuals' race, color, creed, gender, disability or religious affiliation.

BACC-DR's Board of Directors
Guido Persiani, Chairperson
Patti O' Neill, Chair-elect
Carol Skewes, Secretary
Melissa Reabold, Treasurer
Rev. Ernest Bryson, Board Member
Billy Combs, Board Member
Gail Kenny, Board Member
Gretchen Knowles, Board Member
BJ Simon, Board Member
Tiffany Foster, Board Member
Patricia Wells, Disaster Recovery Manager

In times of disaster and every day, the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE is our community’s go-to resource. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, HELPLINE specialists connect callers with the help they need, from emergency shelter and evacuation information to help with basic needs, like food. During times of disaster, 2-1-1 maintains up-to-date information on shelters and other essential resources. If you or someone you know needs help recovering from Hurricane Harvey, call 2-1-1 any time, day or night.

Case management is provided by Catholic Charities (Harris County) and St. Vincent dePaul (Chambers County).

Please click the link to Volunteer  For additional information, please contact  PatriciaW@unitedwaygbacc.org, OR call  832.926.4008.