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DOC Project Request

Project Requests

  • Submit a project that can be completed by volunteers in less than 8 hours. 
  • The project must be within the United Way jurisdiction - zip codes covered: Harris County-East 77520, 77521, 77562. Chambers County: 77580, 77523, 77521, 77661, 77597, 77560, 77514.
  • Projects can be submitted from individuals still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. There are certain requirements and qualifications to be considered. For more information contact the disaster recovery team at 832.926.4008.
  • Nonprofit agencies and public schools can submit projects.
  • Deadline to submit a project request is August 15, 2019. 
For example, Mural Project.
Provide key details related to the project including why this is needed, who will it benefit, potential cost and if monies will be contributed, if volunteers must have special skills, etc.
Provide zip code for project's address.
If this project is for a local agency or school provide the name here.
Provide address for location where project is to be completed.
To help determine if this is a qualified house repair, select all that apply. More information and validations may be required. Hold the control button to choose more than one option.
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