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Survey: Emerging Leaders

Yes, Your Voice Matters!

Your time is precious, but your voice is priceless! Give a little time to help build a strong, worthwhile Emerging Leaders affinity group by completing this simple survey.

United Way Emerging Leaders is a network of passionate individuals creating lasting impact in their communities. Members connect to their communities and each other through volunteerism and networking events. Emerging Leaders are donors age 40 and under who give $250 or more to United Way or volunteer 25 hours annually.

Survey Starts Now:

Emerging Leaders is a network of 21 - 40 year old individuals who want to create lasting impact in the community.
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If you are unemployed, type in NA or STUDENT.
Please choose your top two concerns. Hold down the control key to make more than one selection.
Please select up to 3. Hold down the control key to make more than one selection.
Select 1 choice.
Members donate $250/year and volunteer on average 2 hours/month. Some members have more time than money. If you had to choose how you would be a member, which would it likely be? Only choose one of the options.
Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to share that was not asked in this survey.

Thank you for your interest, unfortunately the Emerging Leaders is pnly available to those who are 21 - 40 years old. There are other opportunities to be involved. Please contact James at to explore other options for you.

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