Passport to Change

United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County is dedicated to finding solutions to community-wide issues that, when implemented will have a positive impact on all of us. Homelessness is a shared issue in Baytown and Chambers County and United Way is asking everyone to work together toward a solution that will assist those experiencing homelessness and those who live on the fringes.

United Way has identified ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), which describes individuals who live each day barely getting by and many in fear of the permanence of their living situation. ALICE usually works multiple jobs, yet cannot afford even a minor car repair. ALICE is our neighbor, family and co-worker. We believe that together will can provide ALICE hope that tomorrow will be easier and the future is still bright.

Passport to Change: Homelessness is designed to promote awareness around the issue of homelessness in our communities, as well as facilitate community stakeholders toward an active solution to help residents in these situations.
The series will consist of several components, including conversations around existing resources, an interview with those who are ALICE or have experienced homelessness in our community, and interactive ways to learn more about the issue of homelessness in our community and ways United Way GBACC is already providing resources.  
You are invited to join the conversation at any of the five activities.

  • January 25th, 2022 – Community Stakeholder Discussion
    Sterling Municipal Library from 9:00 am – 11:00 am
    This conversation will center around what we do know about homelessness in our community, what resources are being provided, and who is being impacted the most.
  • February 22nd, 2022 – Interactive Community Conversation
    Sterling Municipal Library, 9:00 am – 11:00 am
    Join the conversation. Interact with resources and materials around experiencing homelessness and have your voice heard about what we can do about it in Baytown and Chambers County.
  • February 23rd, 2022 - Interactive Community Conversation
    Faith Family Church, 6500 N. Main, Baytown, TX 77521, 6:30 pm
    Join the conversation. Interact with resources and materials around experiencing homelessness and have your voice heard about what we can do about it in Baytown and Chambers County.
  • March 29th, 2022 - Panel Interview
    Sterling Municipal Library, 1 Mary Elizabeth Wilbanks Ave., Baytown, TX 77520, 6:00 pm
    This session will be a panel interview of local leaders who provide resources and work with those who are experiencing homelessness. Audience attendees will be able to ask questions and engage in the conversation about homelessness in Baytown and Chambers County.
  • April 28th, 2022 – Poverty Simulation by Emerging Leaders of United Way GBACC
    Baytown Community Center, 2407 Market St., Baytown, TX 77520, 9:00 am
    Have you ever experienced what it is like to be ALICE? This interactive simulation will give you a first hand experience of what it is like to be employed, but have to make tough choices about how you can support yourself and your family. United Way GBACC, in collaboration with Emerging Leaders, is excited to present the live Poverty Simulation, as well as introduce you to the organizations that provide vital resources to Baytown and Chambers County every day.  Click here to register.

This work cannot be done alone. Please consider participating in this community-wide initiative and have your voice heard. Together we will work toward finding solutions to change the unfortunate reality many of our community members face every day.
Visit the Homeless Resource Page for a list of local community partners who are committed to finding a solution for this shared issue.