Giving Impact

With thanks to YOUR gifts, our community grows stronger each day. 

Your gift of time can fill the heart of someone feeling hopeless. Sharing your talent of construction, organizing, painting or any other skills, can rebuild the confidence of someone feeling let down in life. And sharing your financial gift allows United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County to collaborate with other organizations to fund local programs created to meet the needs of our community. 

So, what does all that mean?

Your gifts create impact! 

Your gifts make it possible for Baytown Meals on Wheels to feed over 300 senior citizens daily; for Bay Area Homeless Services to provide shelter to a struggling family; for teens to receive counseling through Communities in Schools Baytown; or for Baytown Family YMCA to continue offering afterschool programs. All these examples and more are why we thank YOU for giving.

Nataly's Family


THANK YOU for giving Nataly and her family a new outlook.

Nataly is 19 years old and lives with her husband and six-month-old baby. They are both students at Lee College, newly married, and raising a beautiful daughter on one income. These challenges led them to seek food assistance.

"We are new parents entering adulthood and have definitely encountered some struggles," Nataly said. In the future this bright, young woman dreams of becoming a dentist and supporting her husband as a business owner. "I now have a sense of calm being able to receive fresh, healthy food and I feel supported knowing that there are great people willing to help those in need. Hearts and Hands of Baytown is dedicating their lives to putting food on our tables, and I will always be grateful for that," she added.

Collaborating together, United Way GBACC and Hearts and Hands of Baytown have successfully been addressing food insecurity in the community. Thus, allowing families like Nataly's to focus on improving their lives. To ensure continued funding for that effort, make your year-end gift HERE.

THANK YOU for providing basic needs for Dorothy and her children.

Kenneth and Erika received shoes for the new school year through a partnership between Love Network of Baytown and S&B Engineers and Constructors. Their mother, Dorothy, was laid off due to the pandemic and was making ends meet with unemployment, emergency SNAP, and a draining savings account. "We can pay the bills and keep the lights on and our bellies full, but it's the extra things that come up that we need help with," Dorothy said. Love Network assisted them with clothing, shoes, food and a list of resources for medical assistance and government benefits they could qualify for. "Thank you for all the help. We never needed assistance before and didn't know where to turn. I thank God for the school counselor that referred us to Love Network, and for the staff and volunteers that work there."

 Basic Needs include shelter, food, utilities and appropriate clothing, too. United Way GBACC and Love Network proudly continue a long partnership of providing basic needs to families just like Dorothy's. Click HERE for more stories of impact in Basic Needs.

Dorothy's kids




THANK YOU for volunteering!

"It gives me great pleasure to be a volunteer at the Thrift Store run by Church Women United in Baytown for several reasons. First, it is an effort to contribute to the underprivileged in the community by providing affordable clothing and items for sale at the shop. Second, the proceeds from these sales support the child care center, which provides much needed affordable childcare for students and workers in the community. I was able to tour the center and was impressed with the healthy and vibrant atmosphere. I was especially amazed when I learned that this charity began over 75 years ago during wartime and times of struggle. I believe these needs still exist today, more than ever, and I am proud to be a volunteer." 
Contributed by Carolyn Bishop.

United Way GBACC is a volunteer-led organization. We greatly appreciate the generosity of volunteers who give of their time and efforts to create change in the community. To become a volunteer like Carolyn, check out other volunteer opportunities HERE