211 Day

Kaci211 Texas

For someone in need, the stress and severity of a situation is only heightened when there is no clear path forward or avenue to find a solution. While there may be many resources available in a community, it is often overwhelming to find the right resources, or for those not within a major city, finding them at all can seem impossible.

Today, as we celebrate 211 Day, we are celebrating a resource that brings clarity and direction to the search for help and existing resources by community members. Nationally, 211 is a comprehensive resource with the goal of connecting those in need with local experts to find a solution to the challenges they are facing. 211 has become a critical partner for United Ways across the country, and a major contributor to the widespread impact your United Way is able to offer today.

Acting as a centralizing agent, 211 Texas offers a 24 hour hotline in 7 languages as well as, an online chat feature and database for independent research. 211 Texas is creating a more holistic experience for those seeking help and resources available in the community. Locally, more than 13,000 community members have looked to 211 to find help in a time of crisis. This staggering number of referrals for just our area shows how 211 Texas is able to provide care for our residents in a new, profound way. 211 Texas keeps a database of over 60,000 health and human service providers across our state and refers clients to real organizations that can help them in their area. Live interaction with a service representative allows the caller to have their needs heard, and are provided with real solutions.

Anyone can fall on hard times, and 211 Texas is here to help. If you, or someone you know, is in need, call 2-1-1 to access the 24 hour hotline, or visit the website www.211texas.org to find real solutions in the midst of the hardest of circumstances.