United Way Board & Committees

United Way of Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County

Standing Committees

2016 – 2017


Executive Committee (three board members to include the Vice President and a member appointed by the President; historically an ExxonMobil employee/board member, chaired by board president) Staff – Suzanne Zutter, ED
Meets monthly, and at other times as needed, to review board meeting agenda & business and to review matters for possible consideration by the full board.

Meets the second Thursday of each month (excluding December) at 4:30 – United Way office.

Patti O’Neill Burn – President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Per the By-laws - The President’s duties are to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors; to appoi9nt all committees unless otherwise directed; to call the special meetings whenever he/she deems it necessary; and to carry out such other duties as usually pertain to this office.

Daryl Fontenot - Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Per the By-laws – The Vice President’s duties are to perform the duties of the4 President in the event of his/’her absence, resignation, or inability to perform his/her duties.

Steve Daniele, Owner SealPac


Finance Committee (a minimum of two board members and four members total chaired by board secretary/treasurer) Staff – Suzanne Zutter, ED
Meets the second Tuesday of each month (excluding December), 4:30 at the United Way office  and at other times as needed, to review financial reports and other matters related to United Way of Baytown Area finances for possible consideration by the full board.

Brian Shatwell - Board Secretary/Treasurer, ONEOK

Per the By-laws the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer are to have custody of all funds of the organization and to pay out the same upon the direction and warrant of the Board of Directors.  S/he shall give bond with approved surety for the faithful performance of his/’her duties, in such amounts as shell be fixed by the Board of Directors.  Cost of such bond shall be borne by this organization.  S/he also shall be responsible for the proper care of all records of the organization.

Bethany Credeur - Board Member, owner – B. Credeur CPA, LLC

Corey Cunningham, Community Resource Credit Union

De Sandhop, CPA


Audit Committee (minimum of two board members and three members’ total) Meets as needed and directed by the Board President. Supervises work by independent auditor, reviews annual audit and 990 drafts before they are presented to Board of Directors. Staff – Suzanne Zutter, ED

Steve Daniele - Board Member, Owner SealPac

Naomi Kathnelson - Board Member, ExxonMobil

Dr. Rolando Valdez – Board Member, retired


Community Investment Committee (board members & community members)


Campaign Cabinet (board members & community members) – Staff – Suzanne Zutter, ED & Rosalind Rolls, Coordinator of Resource Development

Missy Malechek – Cabinet Chair, West Chambers Chamber of County Chamber

Mike Aliprando – ExxonMobil

Pete Cote – Chair – Government/Schools/Nonprofits

Denise Pratt – Chair - Professional/Individuals

Tom Sessions – Chair – Leadership Donors

Mike Wilson – Chair – Merchants

Women United Steering Committee (board members & community members) – Staff – Suzanne Zutter, ED & Gladys Pryor. Director of Community Initiatives

Emerging Leaders Steering Committee (board members & community members) Staff – Gladys Pryor, Director of Community Initiatives

Events Committee (board members & community members)
Assists in the planning and preparation of events. Staff – Linsey Whitehead, Director of Marketing and Resource Development


Robin McDougald, Event Committee Chair, Texas First Bank
The duties of the Event Committee Chair plays an intricate role in the event committee both within the organization and the community. The event chair will be tasked with leadership responsibilities as well as delegating certain responsibilities to the committee members. The role of the Event Committee Chair will be served by a member of the volunteer committee; however, a committee member who is employed by a partner agency will not be eligible for nomination. The chair’s term will be served for one year; they will be elected by members of the committee in the first meeting after the United Way Annual Meeting each year. The chair must rotate a new member each year; therefore the chair may not serve a consecutive term. The event committee will meet at least 6 times a year and it is the responsibility of the chair to be at all meetings as well as the planning of each meeting.

Irma Bundage, GCCISD retiree

Janie Cardenas, GCCISD retiree

Judy Hunter, Bayer and Belcan Techservices, retired

Kathy Jaeger, The Baytown Sun

Lynne Foley, Lee College

Paulina Carrillo, Baytown Resource & Assistance Center

Lindsay McCallum, Best Buy

Rosie "Cookie" McKenzie, El Dorado Nitrogen

Stephanie Whitley, Texas First Bank

Paula Jared, Retired

Heidi Minnick, The Baytown Sun